Tech in mining #10

Happy Monday! Sharing below updates we have found interesting over the last two weeks 🙂

🗞Interesting updates

  1. Prospector, a SaaS to analyze mining industry data, was acquired by Analog Gold, a mining investment company. Prospector was started this year in February, so the timing of the deal makes it sounds like an acqui-hire. More here

  2. Emesent, an autonomous drone company, launched its LIDAR powered drones that can fly autonomously without a line of sight and GPS connectivity in mines. It uses LIDAR sensors from Velodyne, a California based sensor company. More here

  3. Nexa Resources, a key mining company in Peru & Brazil, has partnered with ABB to modernize its existing mining and smelting operations in LATAM, as well as support the digitization of new projects from the beginning. More here

  4. BASF, a chemicals giant, formed a partnership with Intellisense, a UK based optimization software company, to optimize plant processing steps using analytics from sensors. More here


FORTAI, a Sudbury based startup that makes autonomous mobile inventory management software for mines, raised $250,000 from Sudbury Catalyst fund. They make SmartCubes that can hold and track a variety of items (powered by sensors) and integrates with ERP systems. When these SmartCubes are moved around in mines, the system can keep a real-time audit trail. More here

📜Longer reads:

Wenco's CEO Andrew Pyne talks about how a customer interaction a couple of years ago made them prioritize the effort to lead an open standard for autonomy, ultimately creating ISO 23725 with other stakeholders. He discusses the challenges of closed autonomy solutions, and why it is critical for an open standard to improve as a whole. More here

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📸: Emesent drone navigating an underground mine