Tech in mining #13

Hope everyone is having a great week! Sharing updates on BHP's new partnership, couple funding announcements and a new Joint venture focused on automation! Plus, a couple of interesting reads on mining rare earth metals from fossil fish and augmented reality for maintenance.


  1. BHP's Nickle West business is announcing a partnership with SensOre, an Australian minerals exploration company that leverages machine learning to accurately predict known endowment and generate targets for further discovery. More here

  2. MineSense, a Canadian company that creates hardware/software solutions to provide real-time estimates of the ore grade, was awarded a C2$M funding boost from British Colombia's Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) fund. MineSense has raised ~80M in funding so far! More here

  3. Natural Resources Canada’s Clean Growth Program announced a C$1.6 M investment in the development of an analyzer that can provide near real-time measurements of the active clay content in oil sands and mine tailings (which can be a significant tailings management challenge). The project will be led by the Saskatchewan Research Council with Suncor Energy and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. More here

  4. BIS industries (co providing haulage and equipment solutions), and Israel Aerospace Industries (engineering company creating robots for air and sea), have announced a joint venture called Auto-mate to deliver mine site automation solutions at a reduced cost. Their solution is asset agnostic and can be flexible based on how far down the path of automation a customer wants to go. More here

📜Interesting reads

A 2,500-square-kilometer zone south of one tiny Pacific Island closer to Japan has fish fossils that can supply the world’s rare earth metal needs for hundreds of years! More here

Mining Technology writes a brief overview of a mixed reality technology, created by Kognitiv Spark (based in Canada), that allows remote workers to use Microsoft’s Hololens for maintenance support through a low bandwidth connection in mines. More here

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