Tech in mining #14

Hello everyone!

In this issue, we want to highlight a new underground mining method, Chinaā€™s 5G deployment, and push towards electrification and lower emission!

šŸ—žInteresting updates

  1. Researchers at NUST Mining College in Russia have been looking into a new type of underground mining termed 'Honeycomb' mining that could significantly reduce effective stresses in the rock mass and cut accident rates. The method avoids large-scale blasting and enables ore to be extracted from vertical 'pipes' drilled underground. More here

  2. China recently deployed a privately built 5G network at a coal mine in the eastern province of Shandong. The site claims that data sent on its new network reaches its destination in less than 20 milliseconds, compared to the 3 to 4 seconds it would have taken on 4G. More here

  3. Caterpillar is experiencing a decline in traditional equipment sales, and as such it has been investing more in automation. Sales of Caterpillarā€™s autonomous technology for mining operations have been growing at a double-digit percentage this year compared with 2019. More here

  4. A new report on Electrification published by the State of Play describes that majority (89%) of the globeā€™s leading mining executives expect mine sites across the world to electrify within the next 20 years due to the heightened social pressure and need for economically efficient mining practices. Full report here

    One of the questions in the survey was to understand what is holding back the implementation of electrification technologies, and Existing equipment and Risk aversion seem to be the top reasons.

  5. After an unsuccessful attempt to make a deal with Cypress Development Corp to extract Lithium from clay deposits in Nevada, Elon Musk outlined Tesla's plan to dig for lithium on its own. Tesla has secured access to 10,000 acres of lithium-rich clay deposits in Nevada. Producing lithium from clay has proven to be costly, so it would be interesting to see their output! More here

  6. Glencore's CEO Ivan Glasenberg said that they are planning to limit coal production going forward (helping to reduce Scope 3 carbon emissions) and use the funds freed up to invest in minerals such as copper, cobalt, and nickel! More here

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